With the vast knowledge of the P/M process available to you at Volunteer Sintered Products, Inc., we work with potential and current customers in researching, designing and development of powder metal parts in various applications.

We provide our customer with technical support in recommending suitable materials and needed tolerances. Our staff will coordinate and design tooling and fixtures using CAD software.

We provide Just in Time delivery. Our geographical location provides easy access to interstate highways allowing for daily deliveries and shipments.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

We use bar coding technology in our shipping department to provide our customers with the capability of inventory tracking processes.

Lot number and final inspections for each shipment assures that we maintain the highest quality components.

Additional services include assembly, brazing and annealing.

Equipment Listing

Manufacturing: 25,000 Sq. Ft.
Office:3000 Sq Ft.
Compacting Presses
2- 5 Ton Gasbarre
2-20 Ton Stokes
3-30 Ton Gasbarre
2-45 Ton Gasbarre
1-60 Ton Gasbarre
1-200 Ton Gasbarre
Sizing Presses
1-30 Ton Gasbarre
2-60 Ton Gasbarre
Sintering / Brazing Furnaces
1-3000 Gallon Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank
1-Nitrogen. Hydrogen Mixer 25% H2 Max.
2- 12" Belt, 2100F Max Temp. Furnace
Oil Impregnation Types
3-Quenching Oil Tanks
2-Vacuum Impregnating Tanks
Finishing Equipment
2-Vibratory Finishers 10 Cu/Ft with Media Types
1-Barrel Tumbler
Assembly Presses
20-Hydraulic and Pneumatic 30 Ton Max
Tooling / Machining
2-Engine Lathes
1-Surface Grinder
2-CNC Mills
4-Drill Presses
1-Sunnen Hone
1-Heat Treat Furnace
2-TIG/MIG Welders
1-Sandblast Booth
2-Band Saws
1-Rockwell Hardness Tester