Door Hinge

Machined Door Hinge
Machined Door Hinge

Having decades of industry experience, our design engineers here at Volunteer Sintered Products, Inc. apply their knowledge in inventive ways to help our customers solve problems. With our strong background and powerful understanding of powdered metal technologies, our engineers pushed the boundaries of its capabilities to produce the door hinge highlighted here.

One of our existing customers sent out an RFQ to several of their suppliers for the production of this hinge. The difficult geometry was a challenge in terms of tooling design, but our design engineers used their out-of-the-box thinking skills to develop an innovative solution. Their solution was truly creative and unique -- all of the other vendors, unable to meet product specifications, returned a “no quote” to the RFQ request.

Our powder metallurgy process provides a lot of versatility with regard to design freedom and raw material composition. We can manufacture parts with complex geometries, irregular features, and combine previously separate parts into a single workpiece. By blending different elemental materials and controlling the size and shape of the powder particles, we can custom tailor its flow characteristics into the mold as well as the strength, hardness, density, and porosity of the final product.

By tapping into the full potential of powder metallurgy and pushing its design limits, we successfully manufactured this hinge according to customer specifications. As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified powdered metallurgy specialist, the client was confident in our capabilities for manufacturing a high-reliability component for use in their product.

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Door Hinge Highlights

Project Name & Description
Door Hinge
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Sintering Furnaces
Assembly Presses
Material Finish
Pre-Alloyed Steels
Industry for Use
Home Appliances
Standards Met
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
International Organization for Standardization
MPIF - Metal Powder Industries Federation
APMI - American Powder Metal Institute
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute
SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers