Brazing Services

Fuel Tube
Fuel Tube

Volunteer Sintered Products, Inc. is proud to offer our customers with the ability to join two base metals together, in a controlled atmosphere, at a significantly lower cost than typical welding or soldering operations. We have the ability to press fit joints, automatically apply braze paste, and products high volumes of products with repeatable results.

We have a current customer base to whom we provide our brazing services to. One customer was able to reduce their cost by eliminating their in-house brazing department. This, in turn, eliminated labor, utilities, and equipment this increasing their profit margin.

With over 30 years of experience, we offer a degree of process skill by managing varying furnace temperatures.

Advantages of Furnace Brazing

Throttle Lever
Throttle Lever
  • Join dissimilar metals, porous metals, and powdered metals to metals.
  • Join Metals of varying thickness
  • Maintain metallurgical properties of base metals.
  • Join multiple joints simultaneously
  • Work with close production tolerances
  • Provides reproducible results
  • Does not require the use of flux for a clean braze joint
  • Provides variable atmosphere to make various types of operations possible
  • Controlled atmosphere where contaminants are eliminated
  • High volume of products can be produced through the continuous mesh-belt conveyor system of the furnace
  • Cost savings